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Marks and Spencer solar rooftop largest in the UK

Since the beginning of March, 90 solar PV inverters have been generating solar power for on-site use at the Marks Spencer East Midland Distribution Centre in Castle Donington.

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Totalling 6.1 megawatts, this photovoltaic array belonging to the British retail chain is the largest solar rooftop in the United Kingdom.

Marks Spencer has set itself the target of covering the entire energy needs of all of their buildings in the United Kingdom and Ireland from 100 % renewable energy sources by 2020.

SBC Renewables (SBC) designed a de-centralised system using 90 KACO new energy Powador 60.0 TL3 and four Powador 18.0 TL3 solar PV inverters.

SBC technical director Dr. Clive Weatherby said: "We settled on the perfect size 50 kVA inverter from KACO new energy as these ticked all the boxes in terms of quality and reliability.

"They were also an ideal size to lower into the 4x30-metre high roof hatches above the plant rooms. Each has three MPP trackers ideally sized for the proposed layout.

"The 4-string MPPT's also added shadow tolerance, redundancy and traceability in the event of any string problem".

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