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Expert pledges unofficial inquiry into Legionnaires' outbreak

An independent expert in water borne diseases has pledged to set up an unofficial inquiry into the Legionnaires' outbreak in Edinburgh which left four people dead, Herald Scotland has reported.

Dr Mike Allan said that the three-year investigation into the 2012 outbreak, which failed to identify the source, had, "failed all of the families."

A total of 92 people were infected with the disease, while hundreds more became ill after breathing in the bacteria.

Lawyers acting on behalf of 40 families have called for a Fatal Accident Inquiry into the outbreak.

Dr Allan was employed as a private contractor for NHSGGC for 14 years to lead legionella testing.

The last outbreak in Scotland happened in the Renfrew area last year, when 11 people were infected. The source of the outbreak has not been identified.

The 11th Annual Combatting Legionella Water Treatment conference will take place on 29-30 September at Aston Villa Park in Birmingham.

A comprehensive and cutting-edge event, the conference ensures engineering and facilities management teams are able to prevent legionella bacteria from developing and comply with water safety regulations.

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